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Stolen Vehicle Tracking

If you own or are thinking of buying a high price or high performance vehicle then you will most likely require a Stolen Vehicle Tracking system.  Stolen Vehicle Tracking systems are extremely effective at fighting car crime and help the police quickly recover stolen vehicles. 

Many insurance companies now insist that a tracking system is installed before they will insure the vehicle. In most cases however the insurance discounts available from installing stolen vehicle tracking far outweigh the costs of the tracking systems.  Even where a tracking system is not a pre-requisit many insurance companies will offer up to a 20% discount for TQA accredited tracking solutions.



Stolen vehicle tracking systems are utilised when a vehicle is stolen, they are not normally used to track the owners movements (see our "Fleet Tracking" system for this purpose). Most stolen vehicle tracking systems detect unauthorised movement of the vehicle (i.e. being towed away) however if the vehicle is stolen with the keys the owner must report the theft. If the vehicle is stolen the owner is required to obtain a crime number from the police which is then given to the tracking company who will then liaise directly with the police to recover the vehicle.

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£ 339.00 Including Installation. Clifford Connect 6
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£ 189.00 Including Installation. Smartrack Protector Pro Global
3.6335 5 191 Product
£ 199.00 Including Installation. TrafficMaster RAC Trackstar
3.34999 5 40 Product
£ 229.00 Including Installation. Tracker BP Retrieve
3.625 5 16 Product
£ 239.00 Including Installation. Tracker Monitor
3.41667 5 12 Product
£ 289.00 Including Installation. Tracker Locate
2.90623 5 32 Product
£ 339.00 Including Installation. Vodafone Protect & Connect 6 (1-year Subscription included)
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£ 219.00 Including Installation. SmarTrack Caravan Protector - Caravan Tracker
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