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Infiniti In Car Solutions


SMART Vehicle Tracking from Infiniti ICS Ltd
What you need to know about our SMART Vehicle Tracking
You don’t need a degree in computing to use our platform! Our intuitive software can be mastered in a matter of minutes. We provide free training and support to ensure you make the most out of your new tracking system.
We offer the most cost effective tracking system on the market today, with no lengthy contracts or expensive lease agreements. We can tailor a payment plan to suit your budget.
View your fleet from any internet connected device, anywhere in the world.
The goal as a company is to have customer service that is not just the best but LEGENDARY
How Smart Vehicle Tracking Works
Multi-Vehicle Live Tracking
map of uk showing multi-vehicle tracking in action
Historical Vehicle Movements
Image showing historical vehicle movements
Instant email alerts when drivers break their predefined rules.
Powerful and fully customisable reporting suite – Detailed reports can be generated when you need them or on an automated basis.
Mileage or time based vehicle maintenance reminders.
Unlimited number of user accounts and reports
Detailed Trip Analysis
image showing detailed vehicle trip analysis
Google Maps Integration
image showing Google Maps Integration
The Benefits of SMART Vehicle Tracking from Infiniti-ICS
Managing employees’ driving activities decreases speeding and harsh acceleration, saving between 10 - 20% on fuel bills depending on the vehicle type.
A DFT study suggests that on average that 20% of all HGV running time is spent idling - standing stationary with the engine turned on or sitting in traffic.
If your business is in the service industry, using a tracking system helps you manage employees' activities, meaning they spend an average of 20 minutes more on site each day.
Using a tracking system to manage employees' driving behaviour results in more careful driving and a reduction of 12% in the costs of vehicle maintenance and tyres.
Using tracking devices can help reduce the carbon footprint caused by engine idling and inefficient driving.
What our clients say
“As a small company, we always felt that a tracking system would be too expensive to implement. However, Infiniti, who have been fitting hands free systems to our vehicles for the last 10 years, gave us a demonstration on how their system worked and the cost per vehicle for our fleet. We were pleasantly surprised at the cost of the Infiniti system compared to others we had looked at and they came and fitted the trackers to our vehicles and set us up in less than half a day. The real-time information we get from the system has been a great boost to our logistics and the many reports that we have available to us have proved invaluable”.

Alasdair Mackenzie - Managing Director, S&C Engineering
"Since having the vehicle trackers and Parrot kits fitted to our fleet, we have found immediate results. On hindsight, this technology is a no brainer and should have been installed sooner. Infiniti are extremely efficient and knowledgeable in their delivery and installation of the equipment and fully demonstrated how to manage the user friendly software. The weekly reports and daily alerts are a gentle reminder when our vehicles may go over the speed limit and also alerts us to idling time, for which we were blind to before. The Infiniti tracking software is a great tool by showing where vehicles are in real time, as this minimizes down time for the office staff and drivers by cutting out the phone calls to check on drivers whereabouts and logistics. We can’t recommend Infiniti and their vehicle tracking system enough; a very positive and cost effective asset to any business".

Lana McCurdy - KCP Ltd.

"The Infiniti System is invaluable for our business. There is a wealth of data that we can access at any time which is a great asset. I am impressed with how easy the system is to use and to configure. Infiniti-ICS made the installation and training process a very smooth transition when we moved from our previous supplier".

Andy McCluskey -