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CAT 6 Insurance Approved Trackers

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While owning and running a car can be expensive, there are some additional extras that provide tremendous value for money for motorists. There is a lot to be said for being sensible with your money and investing in a regular service is a good way to keep your car in good condition. However, you will also find that investing in a tracking system will pay off in the long-term if your vehicle is ever stolen.


First of all, having a tracking device fitted in your car will see many motorists benefitting from reduced insurance premiums. If you feel as though you pay too much for your car insurance, having an insurance approved tracking device installed in your car can save you money on annual basis. At Infiniti In-Car Solutions, we offer fitting and installation services for a wide range of vehicles, including vans, cars, lorries, caravans, motor homes and HGVs.


We provide a wide range of tracking devices


We also offer a wide range of makes and models so if you want to buy a covert tracking device, you can choose from the best available in the entire industry. We offer Smartrack, Tracker Locate, Cobra, Tracker Monitor, Vodafone Automative, Tracker Retrieve, Cobratrak and Trafficmaster Trackstar devices and we are more than happy to talk you through the different features and benefits of these devices.


We are also more than happy to talk you through the benefits provided by CAT-5 trackers and CAT-6 trackers. We offer a wide range of CAT 6 insurance approved trackers and these offer benefits such as street mapping and positioning. There is an excellent selection of CAT 6 insurance approved trackers to choose from and some come with optional driver identification and licenced security or police agreements in place. The CAT 6 tracking device doesn’t offer the wide range of features that CAT 5 approved devices offer but for many motorists, the features on offer from the CAT 6 tracker range are more than enough for their requirements.


Recover your car quickly


When it comes to recovering your car after a theft, you’ll find that Cat 6 tracking devices can track your car across the United Kingdom and Europe. The majority of tracking systems we offer can provide accuracy up to a few metres, so if you are looking to find a tracking device that can be trusted, we have everything you need. There is also a growing range of tracking systems which allow you to tack your vehicle online, so no matter what benefit you are looking for, call on Infiniti In-Car Solutions and we will be more than happy to help you out.


The peace of mind that comes from installing one of the best CAT 6 insurance approved trackers is invaluable for many motorists. Being able to track and trace your vehicle after a theft is a big comfort and if you want to benefit from the information that these tracking systems provide, be sure to call on Infiniti In-Car Solutions and we will provide you with everything you could need or want.