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Fleet Tracking

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£ 150.00 Including Installation.

Purchase price: £150 per vehicle (Price includes the supply and nationwide installation of the tracking system, setup & training).


Subscription costs: £10 per month, per vehicle. (Price includes unlimited access to the Infiniti Tracking platform & free unlimited support).



Please CONTACT US to arrange a free live demo!

The Infiniti Vehicle Tracking Platform functionality is completely unrestricted. We don't believe in charging extra for certain features, therefore the platform is comparable to our competitors' more expensive "premium" or "Plus" Fleet Tracking offerings. Our Vehicle trackers are manufactured in Europe and are one of the most reliable systems on the market. It is also one of the smallest and most discreet at 65mm x 56mm x 18mm.

Here is some additional information on the Infiniti Vehicle Tracking Platform:

  • Unlimited user accounts and reports.
  • Instant email alerts when vehicles break their predefined rules.
  • Feature rich functionality in an intuitive user friendly interface
  • Cloud based and accessed via any web browser or smartphone (separate mobile friendly portal)
  • Best set of scalable location based tools in the industry
  • Google Maps integration
  • Real time visibility and control of assets regardless of location
  • Traditional ‘breadcrumb’ trip view with underlying details
  • Mileage based vehicle maintenance / service reminders
  • Email notifications, alerts and reports against defined geo-zones and resultant events
  • Ability to easily create multishape geo-zones (including polygons)
  • Geo-zone flexibility including  keep-in, no-go, location identification and routes definition
  • System reports are highly customisable and can be generated on an ad-hoc or scheduled basis
  • Scheduled reports are automatically emailed to specific recipients
  • Open API for building custom features or integration with third parties
  • Graphic visualisation of trip details

The Infiniti Vehicle Tracking platform boasts a very powerful reporting feature. These reports can be tailored to the needs of your business and will automatically land in a specified user's inbox on a scheduled basis.

One of the reports our clients find particularly useful is the "curfew violation" report, which can let you know which vehicles are being used outside of their working hours.

Instant email alerts can also be set up for this purpose. 


See example software images below:

  Infiniti ICS Tracking Software   Infiniti ICS Tracking Software   Infiniti ICS Tracking Software





By installing a fleet tracking system from Infiniti ICS, we estimate that your business

will enjoy the following savings:


10-20% fuel reduction due to improved driving:

Managing employees' driving activities decreases speeding and harsh acceleration, saving between 10 - 20% on fuel bills depending on the vehicle type.


30% reduction in engine idling:

A DFT study suggests that on average that 20% of all HGV running time is spent idling - standing stationary with the engine turned on or sitting in traffic. 


Increased time on site:

If your business is in the service industry, using a tracking system helps you manage employees' activities, meaning they spend an average of 20 minutes more on site

each day.


12% decrease in vehicle maintenance costs:

Using a tracking system to manage employees' driving behaviour results in more careful driving and a reduction of 12% in the costs of vehicle maintenance and tyres.


Reduction on CO2:

Using tracking devices can help reduce the carbon footprint caused by engine idling and inefficient driving.



*The above prices apply to fleet sizes ranging from 3 to 20 vehicles. For other fleet sizes, please contact us for a bespoke quotation.

**Subscription costs are invoiced quarterly on an upfront basis.

***When it comes to renewing/replacing a vehicle, the tracker can easily be removed and refitted at a time and place that suits you. The de-install charge is £35 and a re- install is £50.