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Tracker Installation in Scotland

It is believed that close to 100,000 cars were stolen in the United Kingdom in 2014 and this means that Scottish motorists have to face up to the fact that their car could be at risk. There are many reasons why people steal cars and it isn’t always the most expensive or top of the range cars that get stolen. Even if you have a modest car that has seen better days, there is still a market for a thief to steal it, and this means you should be proactive in looking after your car.


This means you should make it harder to steal but you should also look into installing a tracker system which will increase the chances of recovering the vehicle. Many vehicles stolen from Scotland are exported around the world, so there is only a limited period of time to retrieve and recover the vehicle. This is why opting for the finest car trackers Scotland has to offer is a sensible move and if you want to find the best car tracker in Scotland, contact Infiniti In-Car Solutions.


We provide the best range of Vehicle Tracking devices in Scotland.

At Infiniti In-Car Solutions, we are pleased to offer tracking systems from the leading manufacturers. This means we offer Smartrak devices, Cobra devices, Cobratrak devices, Trafficmaster Trackstar systems, Tracker Retrieve devices, Tracker Monitor systems and Tracker Locate devices. These insurance approved devices offer monitoring support 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. These devices ensure that your car can be tracked across the UK and Europe so if you want the best standard of covert support to assist the police recover your car, call on Infiniti In-Car Solutions for the best range of tracking systems.


While choosing from the finest car trackers Scotland has to offer is a great starting point in looking after your car, you want to make sure that the device is installed to the highest possible standard. We provide installation services for a wide range of vehicles, not just cars. If you own a van, a lorry, a HGV, a caravan or a motorhome, you will find that our team provide the highest standard of installation services. We aim to provide you with the confidence that comes along with the best standard of car trackers Scotland has ever seen.


We offer Cat-5 and CAT-6 tracking devices

We are also pleased to say that we provide the very best in CAT-5 trackers and CAT-6 trackers, which offer the best range of features and benefits for motorists. These insurance approved devices swill increase the likelihood of having your car returned if it is stolen.


No matter your budget or what sort of vehicle you have, it makes sense to be proactive in looking after your car. Losing your car can cause a great deal of inconvenience and hassle, so make sure you look to minimise any disruption you may face. For the best selection of car trackers Scotland has ever seen, across Glasgow, Edinburgh and Aberdeen, make sure you choose Infiniti In-Car Solutions.


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